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Gina Gardiner

Imagine being paralyzed and having the strength and determination to come back from this, learning to walk again as an adult – twice and still achieve the top accolades of your profession. Gina Gardiner’s own story is one of powerful transformation. Genuinely-You Ltd is Gina’s business, providing compelling coaching and training. Her wide range of clients learn to be their genuine selves in work and life and to lead happier, more successful, more fulfilling lives.

Gina is bringing enlightened attitudes and behaviours to the topic of leadership. The Enlightened Leadership Programme provides the blueprint for achieving this soul-FULL leadership habit. Most leadership training is forgotten in a matter of months with delegates returning to habitual (bad) behaviour – The Enlightened Leadership Programme will change this and enable you to work better, live better and lead better for the rest of your life.


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This fast-evolving situation with COVID-19 is impacting each of us in different ways. It is now clear there will be a significant global recession. However, if you are willing to start new practices to grow and create resilience, partnerships, a side-business online, and/or more, then this opportunity is for You!

Life is too short to spend it feeling anxious, stressed, lonely, and miserable so it makes sense to give it a try – what have you got to lose?

I created the 7 Day Happiness Challenge as I believe that there’s so much we can do to feel happier, more contented, more confident about our lives. I set up the seven-day challenge, to share the principles and strategies with you. Each day, I will offer you some strategies to help you feel happier and to maintain that happiness over time.

They have been proven to work if you employ them consistently. They may feel a little strange at first – that is because they feel unfamiliar. Like anything – the more you practice the easier they will become.

Give yourself a gift by taking the Genuinely You 7 Day Happiness Challenge.

You are the common denominator in your life.

You take you into every situation, every moment of every day from the moment you are born to the moment you die.

So, doesn’t it make sense to make the most of this amazing life, and allow yourself to feel happy as often as possible. I can help you achieve greater happiness.

Embrace the Genuinely You Happiness Challenge, give it a chance.

By choosing to incorporate just one of the strategies offered through the challenge you can make a significant difference in how happy you feel on a regular basis.

However, the real power comes when you incorporate the principles and strategies into your daily life you will reap the reward.

You can find out more  HERE

So, join me, TODAY,  on the



Multiple No 1 International Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Business, Empowerment and Relationship coach. 
All my books are available on Amazon:”Thriving Not Surviving – The 5 Secret Pathways To Happiness, Success and Fulfillment””Chariots On Fire” “Kick Start Your Career” “Manage Your Staff More Effectively” “Live Well Eat well with Coeliac Disease”  Co-Author of World’s Renowned Bestselling Book: “The Change: Manifest Your Greatness Today Book 11” with Jim Britt (First mentor to Anthony Robbins) and Jim Lutes

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