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With so many experts in so many fields that have been interviewed on Self Discovery Media Network,  we have created the Community Mentors Directory to spotlight their expertise for you.

Finding the right fit with someone who will guide you through life’s challenge is key.  Community Mentors Directory speaks to the skills, knowledge, and passion that our collective Directory members, which helps people embrace the journey of their own productive lives. They have each taken the life journey themselves and know how to navigate the path, understanding the challenges along the way and how to get through it and become enriched because of it. These are the best kinds of mentors as they can truly understand what each client is going through.

This Directory brings our attention to their wonderful work and skills, it helps the inquirer to know them better before working with them as they can listen to their shows and get a feel for who they are and what they offer.

This Directory works hand in hand with our Fund-Action program in our Discovering Communities organization, supporting those in life’s transition to standing tall in their own lives. A percentage of all shows and services go into the Fund.

Featured Mentors

john mentor

Find John North here

John North and Publishing for the Entrepreneur

dodman mentor

Johanne Dodon

Becoming You With
Johanne Dodon

ellness boss
Rachel Kelsch

How to Become Your Own Wellness Boss!


gina mentor

Gina Gardiner, Being Genuinely You 

Enlightened Leadership for the Entrepreneur


lynnis mentor

Lynnis Wooods mullins

Wellness coach and V.I.B.E podcaster
kiti mentor

Recovering the Whole

Reviving you after illness and preventing ill health.

dianne banner

Dianne Shaver

Transforming your buisness.






      Our Mission is in Changing Lives for the Better.              

More on the Fund -Action Platform here Fund-Action Program

GO HERE  for more info here and if you wish to be a part of the Directory




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