Community Mentors Membership Directory.

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You have shared your WHY, now it is time to share your how and what. 

Become a part of the Community Mentors Membership Directory to learn how our network can serve your business today.

We want to support our insightful guests with our Community Mentors Membership Directory that is comprised of you the experts who have shared your WHY with us through our interviews. You are skilled professions that aim to help those who are transitioning into a redirection of their lives with your knowledgeable skills and tools such as our interviews with you, a business page on your services, your videos, coaching programs and wholistic wellness plus more services.

Community Mentors-Directory




Mentors Membership with us gives you…

A video/audio/blog shows on your “Why” and one on the work you do which will be placed on multiple sites and social media.

Your own Mentors business page presence here on 

 Discovering Communities Mentors Directory

Share your services and programs/workshops

Monthly updates on your mentor’s business page.

Partnership affiliation opportunities 

Membership code of conduct

The code is simple.

Ethical services that serve individuals and society as a whole.

Coming from a place of authenticity from your own life’s journey.

Agree to support morally and collaboratively with each other as part of our global family.

Treat each client from a space of a conscious heart for their own personal growth.

To think of us as an Orchestra each playing one of your gifted instruments.


You have to have a business/educational/wellness and or inspirational platform that is of service to our global community.

You will need a site and services that are current and consistent.

To be willing to pay it forward in services into our Fund Action Program

Willing to interact and collaborate with others here in our community.

Pricing in US funds.

  • Your “Why” Guest Show ( stands on its own) is $125.00 FREE DURING LOCKDOWN
  • Mentors show and annual membership is $300.00 (if you have to have done a why show with us first) 10% OFF TILL MAY 15TH
  • The total package of Why show, Mentors and Annual fee = $435.00
  •  Annual Members fee for Mentors is $195.00 and is Renewable a year from when your Mentors show first aired.


    Join Now.

    Spring special.

    Join us for a “Why” show AND DO NOT PAY DURING LOCKDOWN

    Sign up to be an annual Mentor and join us free for a Mentors summit.

Willing to embrace the every rising consciousness of caring.

 Discovering Communities Fund-Action program subsidizes the services provided by our mentors who are offering their knowledge and support from the Community Mentors Directory.

Everyone faces crossroads in life. Simply put, not everyone has the resources to follow their purposeful path; one which embodies harmony between the mind, body, heart, spirit, and soul (wholeness). Here at the Self Discovery Media and Discovering Communities and in tandem with the Fund-Action Program, we can provide that support so that everyone can experience their divine and meaningful purpose in life.


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